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Public Main Class

  • This is a “spinner” control, which acts a bit like a circular UIPickerView.

    However, instead of having the values provided by a delegate/datasource, the values are associated directly with the control in an Array.

    This control has a lot of “little things” to make it usable and intuitive. It has “inertia,” where you can start it spinning, it has “one-tap increment/decrement,” and it has haptic and audio feedback.

    It can switch between the circular spinner, and a standard UIPickerView, if there are too many items to handle efficiently in a spinner. You can choose to either always use the picker, or never use the picker.

    There is a delegate protocol, and the control will also emit “valueChanged” messages (the selected item changed), and “touchUpInside” messages (the center was tapped).

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    @available(iOS 13.0, *)
    open class RVS_Spinner : UIControl, UIPickerViewDelegate, UIPickerViewDataSource