The following enumerations are available globally.

State Machine Protocol Enum

  • This is an enum that is used to indicate the state of the instance that conforms to the RVS_BTDriver_State_Machine protocol.

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    internal enum RVS_BTDriver_State_Machine_StateEnum

RVS_BTDriver_OBD_Command_Service_01_PIDs Enum

RVS_BTDriver_OBD_Command_Service_02_PIDs Enum

RVS_BTDriver_OBD_Command_Service_03_PIDs Enum

RVS_BTDriver_OBD_Command_Service_04_PIDs Enum

RVS_BTDriver_OBD_Command_Service_05_PIDs Enum

RVS_BTDriver_OBD_Command_Service_06_PIDs Enum

RVS_BTDriver_OBD_Command_Service_07_PIDs Enum

RVS_BTDriver_OBD_Command_Service_08_PIDs Enum

RVS_BTDriver_OBD_Command_Service_09_PIDs Enum

RVS_BTDriver_OBD_Command_Service_0A_PIDs Enum

RVS_BTDriver_OBD_Command_Services Enum

RVS_BTDriver_OBD_ELM327_AT_Command Enum

Enums for Proprietary OBD BLE Service and Characteristic UUIDs

RVS_BTDriver_DeviceType Enum

  • This enum is used to help identify what the device is.

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    public enum RVS_BTDriver_DeviceType : Equatable

Public Driver Enums

Main Driver RVS_BTDriver_PropertyProtocol_Type_Enum, Used to Cast the Data